*For President Obama the hits (as in bad things) just keep on coming. Of course we’re all aware of the drubbing that he and the Democrats just took in last week’s mid-term elections. Now comes and article from Forbes magazine touting its ranking of the world’s most powerful persons. http://www.eurweb.com/?p=63718

President Barack Obama will appear on “60 Minutes” this Sunday to discuss the “shellacking” of Democrats in the midterm elections. Speaking to CBS’ Steve Kroft, Obama says his failure to promote his administration’s accomplishments may have led to the outcome on Tuesday – with Republicans taking over the House and gaining six seats in the […]

*Riding a wave of popular anger over a sluggish economic recovery and disappointment with Democratic policies, Republicans win control of the House of Representatives. http://www.eurweb.com/?p=62565


More than 18,000 people from across the country called in to report voting irregularities or ask questions on a national voter protection hotline organized Tuesday by several civil rights groups. http://www.blackamericaweb.com/?q=articles/news/moving_america_news/23238

The last day of early voting in Texas saw a record turnout at area polls. Whether it was the gubernatorial election or the hotly-contested proposition votes, voters near River Oaks said they wanted to decide before everyone else shows up on Election Day. “I’m glad I got here today because I know on regular voting […]

This non-partisan site will help you find Early Voting locations; Download a Ballot-By-Mail Application; Identification you’ll need at the polls; View a Sample Ballot and more.  All the information you need to be an informed voter.  Early Voting ends October 29th.  Read More:

Via CNN: President Obama is set to unveil plans Wednesday to open large swaths of U.S. coastal waters in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico to oil and natural gas drilling — a move likely to please the energy industry but upset the administration’s environmentalist supporters. “To set America on a path to […]

Issue 602 of the comic features Captain America investigating a right-wing anti-government militia group called “the Watchdogs”.