How Changes in Thinking Changes Your Life What you say is what you get. Your speech is a reflection of what you are thinking. To the extent that you change your thinking, you can and will change your life. For example, if you think that you never have good luck, not only will you continue […]

Are you aware that your thought process is working all of the time? Do you realize that there is a Law of Attraction that corresponds to your thinking, as well?  Our conscious thoughts take root in the subconscious mind where they remain. As a result, we are not always aware of the energy created by […]

Your mind is your self-captain. If you nourish it, it’ll make the right decisions and lead you the right way. If you ignore or feed it with the wrong stuff, it’s going to do the exact opposite. As I have emphasized many other times before, it’s extremely important that you learn to take care of […]

Find out the power of positive thinking from Norman Vincent Peale.  Enjoy!

Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I happened to stumble upon the most recent Time Magazine, which features a cover article about whether or not optimism is a genetic trait. After flipping through the magazine, I was struck by The Optimism Bias and how much people tend to not think about the […]