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Are you aware that your thought process is working all of the time? Do you realize that there is a Law of Attraction that corresponds to your thinking, as well?  Our conscious thoughts take root in the subconscious mind where they remain. As a result, we are not always aware of the energy created by those thoughts.

A fundamental principle of the Law of Attraction is if one has a desire for something, and honestly believes that it is possible to attain it, there is an excellent likelihood that it will become a reality. While this is true for positive thoughts, it is equally true for our negative thoughts.

If a significant amount of time is invested thinking of the things we fear or don’t want in our lives, and we believe that they could happen, they too could become a part of our lives. We cannot avoid unpleasant experiences by merely hoping that they don’t happen.

It may be difficult for some of us to believe, but the unconscious mind is literal and is capable of producing negative energy in the very same way that it creates positive energy. The brain doesn’t know the difference, because it is on autopilot. Another point to understand is that your unconscious mind does not understand the concept of “don’t” or “I don’t want.”  If we are to achieve the positive benefits of the Law of Attraction, we must become aware of how we are focusing our attention; and what thoughts dominate our thinking. We must think and speak affirmatively. Our thinking will determine what we are able to grasp or outwardly manifest. With the same process, our thinking will determine what is likely to escape our grasps such as good health, money, jobs or relationships. Thoughts are more than things, they are the cause of things.

Think about your current situation. Are you focusing on what you “can” do or what you “can’t” do? Are you focusing on what you want, or on what you don’t want? Are you storing thoughts and beliefs in your subconscious mind that conflict with what you desire? If you genuinely wish to have something, and at the same time feel that you are not deserving of the thing, your mind is at cross purposes with itself. A divided mind, harboring negative thoughts will be translated into negative energy, and the Universe will agree with you and “feel” that you don’t deserve the object of your desires also. Cultivate a deserving attitude based on the positive efforts you exert. 

To the extent that you become aware of what you’re spending, or investing, your energy on, the higher the likelihood is that you can change your outcomes. Change your thinking, and you will change your life. Begin focusing all of your thoughts on what it is that you truly want. With that awareness, it will become easier to uproot negative thoughts before they can grow in your subconscious mind. Being mindful of what you wish to have, and developing a laser-like focus on it will ensure that you obtain the things from life that you truly want. Positive thoughts bring positive results.

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