Ralph Shortey is a perfect example of the phrase, “Thou who protest too much.” You may not have heard his name, but the former Oklahoma state Senator  and senior member of Donald Trump’s campaign team in Oklahoma, who was against LGBTQ rights, pleaded guilty last month to child sex trafficking. In March, he was found […]

With the NAACP Convention only a few hours drive from where the Republican National Convention is being held this week in Cleveland, it would seem to have been a quick trip for "The Donald" to make in order to speak with the nation's largest Black civil rights organization.

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House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Republicans are looking for ways to combat poverty in America and unveiled their plan to level the playing field for many impoverished Americans.


Fox News Channel yesterday (March 16th) canceled the Republican presidential debate it was to host that was planned for next Monday (March 21st) in Utah after Donald Trump, and then Ohio Governor John Kasich, said they wouldn’t participate. Trump said on Fox News yesterday morning that he couldn’t attend the debate because he had a […]

Check out this video of a Republican who admits that he never supported Obama and that he wanted him to fail, just like all of the rest of the Republicans. Until he got an autoimmune disease and couldn’t get healthcare coverage because he had a pre-existing condition. Until it happens to you, you’ll never understand.

The five remaining Republican presidential candidates are debating tonight (February 25th) here in Houston, the final debate before Super Tuesday on March 1st, when 11 states will cast their ballots. After Donald Trump’s big wins in the last three states, tonight might be the last chance for the other candidates, particularly Senators Marco Rubio and […]

The high school bully Donald J. Trump said yesterday that he is not going to participate in the Republican debate on Fox News because Megan Kelly is going to be the moderator and he didn’t like the questions that she asked him the last time. So, you don’t like something and you decide that you’re […]

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Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss President Barack Obama's final State of the Union address, why Republicans are unwilling to act on voting rights legislation, and issues with minority voters.

Ender Austin claims he was mid-sentence when he felt the guards grab him. Trump supporters were also heard screaming, "Light that motherf**ker on fire," as he was escorted out with several other protestors.

Trump’s statement that Muslims should be banned from entering the United States “disqualifies” him from being president, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said during today’s press conference. Every president must take an oath to “preserve, protect and defend” the U.S. Constitution, therefore Earnest says Trump would not qualify. Donald Trump called for “a total and complete shutdown […]

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump captured most of the headlines following the first GOP debate... for all the wrong reasons.

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The 2016 presidential campaign is about to kick into high gear. Thursday night in Cleveland, Ohio, Fox News will air the first Republican presidential candidate…