Charles Smith Jr., 17, was killed by North Little Rock police after a traffic stop turned deadly.

Good morning everybody! I wanted to take just a few minutes this morning to reflect on the groundbreaking victory we had on this past Tuesday in Alabama. Now, I say “we” knowing full well that most of us who are listening right now don’t live in Alabama and didn’t vote in their special election, but […]

This morning I want to tell you three painful stories of injustice. In each of them, police and prosecutors not only failed these young Black men, they conspired against them to destroy their lives – evidence of their innocence be damned. Thankfully, all three men survived to tell their story, but suffered immensely in the […]

“Awareness and action are not the same things,” says Shaun King. In this day and age of the Trump Era, King believes that as a people we need to organize better to make an impact. On this segment of the Scary Truth, Shaun King outlines some main things that need to happen for change to happen. A plan for change, […]

After initially declaring rather clearly that the death of Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam, whose body was found floating in the Hudson River last week, was likely a suicide, the NYPD made a public pivot this week – announcing that Abdus-Salaam’s death was “suspicious.” While this may have been a shift for the NYPD, millions of curious […]

I love Atlanta. I moved here when I was 17 years old to attend Morehouse College. I got married here, my kids were born here, I bought my first house here, and it’s where I really became a man and a leader. Except for a few quick stops in California and New York, I’ve spent […]

For a few seconds on Tuesday, I was surprised when I heard the ignorant, offensive, anti-Semitic comments from White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. The man has had many low moments these first 90 days, but this was his lowest. In an attempt to justify military actions in Syria, Spencer started explaining how Hitler wasn’t […]

Today is one of those days where I’m incredibly excited to share some really good news with you. Seven months ago, right here on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, I announced that I was forming a protest group that would be targeting New York City, and that we had two goals. Both seemed outrageous at […]

4/6/17- Shaun King explains why self care is important and how social issues sometime take a back seat when his family needs him more. Listen below.

4/5/17- Where did Shaun King run into the Sugarhill Gang at in the wee hours of the morning on the 2017 Fantastic Voyage? Find out below!

The students and staff of Nichols Junior High, a predominantly black and Hispanic Title 1 school in Arlington, Texas, should be immediately removed from their school building. Something there appears to be poisoning and sickening them. Since this current school year began, over 500 medical complaints have been filed. Yeah, 500. These aren’t kids playing […]

I’ve never voted for a Republican a single day in my life, but as an American, I found what the Republican Party pulled last week to be deeply embarrassing. For the past 8 years they based their entire identity on opposing and repealing and replacing Obamacare. They held over 60 different nearly unanimous votes over […]