Candie Hailey says the abuse she endured in solitary led her to attempt suicide "more than 100 times."


The president says juvenile solitary confinement is overused and has devastating psychological ramifications.

President Obama says solitary confinement has long term consequences that affect an inmates ability to be reintroduced into society

Seven inmates were given a combined total punishment of 7,150 days, or 19.75 years, of solitary confinement at the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC).

Experts are now questioning what levels of solitary confinement are appropriate for inmates and whether this type of punishment is constitutional.

TMZ has reported that Chris Brown will have limited shower access while in jail. According to the site, Breezy will only be allowed one shower every two days. Sources have also said that Breezy will be in solitary confinement 23-hours a day. Breezy however will be allowed to work out of his cell and can read library books. As […]