In 1980, four years before his own death, Martin Luther King Sr. published the autobiography Daddy King. The book, which had been out of print for nearly two decades, is now being released in a new edition. In this excerpt, King recalls how he and his wife—whom he called “Bunch”—learned that their son had been […]


I am tired, angry, and discouraged with the number of deaths by gun violence over the last 2-3 years. As a mother with two sons,…

After Brian McKnight sang the National Anthem at the Cardinals/Panthers game last Saturday, which had twitter on fire, I thought ‘I’ve heard Brian sing wayyy better than this.  This is nothing!’ So, I went on YouTube and found this incredible performance of Brian McKnight and has sons singing the National Anthem. Watch it in the […]

Usher has revealed that his son has type 1 diabetes. In an interview with The Today Show, he said about this past year, “I lost my grandmother, my son was diagnosed as being a type one diabetic. It has definitely been a difficult one for me, man.” Usher didn’t revealed which of his sons have […]

Marvin Gaye’s sons has spoken up about the preventative lawsuit that Robin Thicke has filed against the Gaye family.  Marvin Gaye III said: “There’s a way to do business and a way not to do business, and we’re not happy with the way he went about doing the business. Let alone he’s suing us over […]

Usher has won again, in court with his ex-wife over custody of their sons. According to Pulse of Radio: On Friday (August 9th), Usher came out victorious in his most recent court battle with ex-wife Tameka Foster. As previously reported, Tameka called for an emergency hearing as a result from last week’s pool accident involving […]

When my son turned 11 a few months ago, I decided to write him a love letter.  It seemed to be a pivotal time for…

Via: Lesson 1: Throw Assumptions Away Many women endorse “The Guy Alibi.” It’s usually the sentence invoked after experiencing the negligence, limitation or disappointment attributed as common or expected male behavior. It goes something like this: For more on this story visit the site above.

Via: A piece released earlier this week from Kansas City Star reporter Debra-Lynn B. Hookhighlighted a trip she took to Washington to visit her son. During her time in the nation’s capital, Ms. Hook encountered an African-American psychology professor speaking boldly and proudly of how he raises his teenage son in the wake of […]

VIA CNN: (Orangeburg, South Carolina) Ramona Milhouse awoke to the wail of sirens as the morning mist rose off the murky waters of the Edisto River last Monday. Within minutes, police and rescue workers crowded her backyard overlooking the river. Milhouse, 81, looked out the window and saw the top of a sedan in the […]