Speaking to thousands of law enforcement officials, FBI Director James Comey said that those who believe that there is a police shooting epidemic of black men “have no idea” what they’re talking about, and pressed police to begin keeping data to prove or disprove the point.

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Donald Trump may have used his controversial charity foundation to settle lawsuits that benefited his for-profit businesses.

The cat is out of the bag; what was in darkness has come to light, and you know the rest. Since police are notoriously inaccurate for reporting their own messes, and the federal government has difficulty keeping tally, The Washington Post decided track the number of police-related fatalaties in 2015. In the first five months […]

Some years after Kim Dickens donated a kidney to Marion Barry, former Washington D.C. mayor, the late politician’s widow is suing her. After I read the story, it appears the foundation, who promotes organ donation, claims on its website that Marion Barry helped Dickens found the organization. Also the site includes prominent pictures of Barry […]

NBC announced Tuesday that it is suspending Brian Williams as ‘Nightly News’ anchor and managing editor for six months without pay for misrepresenting and misleading public about his experience covering the Iraq War. Steve Burke, NBC chief executive said Williams’ actions were inexcusable and jeopardized the trust he has built with viewer during his decade […]