On the latest episode of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk, she opened up about her relationship with white women and being “triggered” by them in the past. Jada admitted to having biases against white women, specifically with blonde hair. She said, “Blonde hair on white women just triggers me. I’ve had to catch myself.” Jada’s mother, Adrienne […]

Black women have become accustomed to hearing negative statistics about their finances, health and marriageability, but there is one statistic that has improved dramatically. According to recent reports, Black women are going to jail much less, while white women’s incarceration rates have skyrocketed. The Washington Post reports: The U.S. imprisonment rate has been declining for […]

Inclusion is a funny thing. While many of us in this generation are all about integration and equality, there’s a few areas of all of…

. For ‘lustful’ reasons and lustful reasons only, Huggy tells you exactly why he wants to honor white women for Black History Month…We simply can’t repeat what he said on here so you have to click on the audio to hear what he had to say.

Taye Diggs’ wife and baby were the topic of conversation when the actor appeared on Sway’s morning satellite radio show recently.

There are millions of fine black men in the world, and you probably have your own personal top list of hot black performers. But when it comes to TV, music, and movies, there are only a few that have gotten serious crossover appeal when it comes to white women. So who are the black Brad […]