The latest Pew Reasearch Center study finds the Median Net Worth of White households is 13 times greater than Blacks and 10 times greater than Hispanics.  That’s right, not TWICE or THREE times greater but THIRTEEN and TEN times greater.  Check out the study for yourself.  Click here for the Pew Reasearch Center Study.

No matter who or what you are, you are likely to occasionally fall victim to looking at the world through a very specific lens. Such…

David Walker was a little known black activist who wrote an article called “Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World,” in 1829. The document promoted a rise against slavery and asked white people to repent for their “sins of bondage.” Walker openly asked free blacks to help free others and white Christians to do […]


via: (CNN) – For the first time in the decade, the population of children younger than 1 is primarily non-white or Hispanic: 50.4% of the total population in that age category. Minorities make up an increasing percentage of the United States population, especially among younger age groups, according to Census Bureau estimates of changes […]

VIA EURWEB: The latest study on the genetic ancestry of American Blacks is entitled “Characterizing the admixed African ancestry of African Americans.” Published in the journal Genome Biology, the study does not offer much in the way of new information but its facts are still interesting. For example, the study says the majority of American […]