Whoopi Goldberg’s new medical marijuana line is now available, but only in California. According to The Jasmine Brand, The brand is called Whoopi & Maya after Goldberg and co-founder/partner, Maya Elisabeth. Whoopi said, “Whoopi & Maya has the opportunity to set the Gold Standard for the medical cannabis industry. We have given ourselves a mandate […]

Whoopi Goldberg’s time on The View may be coming to an end. Page Six is reporting, Whoopi Goldberg is in the final year of her contract and she has made it clear that she is done. One source said, “Whoopi loves the money, but she doesn’t want to work so hard anymore. She doesn’t come […]

Whoopi Goldberg in the past defended Bill Cosby until she had valid proof, well recently she has changed her mind. It took ABC New chief legal analyst Dan Abrams to change Whoopi’s mind regarding her defense of Bill Cosby. ‘I gotta say, all of the information that’s out there kinda points to guilt, ‘Whoopi said […]

Funnyman Dave Chappelle, has been on hiatus for a while now but he just announced that he was returning to the standup scene. Comedy Hype revealed today that Dave is looking to make his comeback somewhat official with a new HBO special. The footage was tape at his recent shows for Austin ACL Live in […]

Whoopi and ‘The View’ ladies had a lot to talk about the first official presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, on Monday when a guest co-host called for a birther movement to haunt the Canadian born Republican’s campaign. Co-host Rosie Perez criticized the Texas senator for denying climate change. Whoopi Goldberg suggested it’s not fun being on […]

Rosie O’ Donnell for the second time ended her stint on ‘The View,’ her farewell was about as short as her time on the show. Holding her little daughter, Rosie made her exit Thursday in a segment that lasted barely 40 seconds. She thanked the show’s creator, Barbara Walters, for having her on the show […]

If you’re a fan like me it comes to a complete shock, only after 4 months, Rosie Perez is leaving the ABC morning talk show ‘The View,’ according to Variety. The way there spinning it is Rosie is away from the show to appear on Broadway in ‘Fish In The Dark.’ But word has it […]

Well when you have two very out spoken people, sooner or later there’s going to be a disagreement but when it come to ‘The View’ and co-host Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg you wouldn’t think it would be this soon. Whoopi and Rosie got into a verbal altercation after last Thursday’s show. According to ‘The […]

Oscar-winner, actor and comedy great Robin Williams, who we all loved remember most for great movies like, ‘Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Morning, Vietnam, The Fisher, Night At The Museum, TV series Mork & Mindy and most recently The Crazy Ones. His free form comedy and adept impressions dazzled fans for decades, has died in an apparent […]

Not her first time at the rodeo, Terry McMillan is back at it again! Her novel, “A Day Late And A Dollar Short” is her newest adaptation and stars Whoopi Goldberg and Ving Rhames. It will premiere on Lifetime, Saturday, April 19, 8pm, ET/PT. This is the author’s 4th novel to be made into a […]