If you missed KG Smooth on Facebook Live at 11 last night, we got you!  The conversation centered around a call KG received and the young lady said that one of her male friends likes her, but she likes his friend. Don’t miss Majic After Dark | The Quiet Storm at its new time.  9pm […]

  The Price Is Right..But the Wig is ALL Wrong!   If America was to do a poll on the top 5 things you should NOT let your family members do when appearing on Nationally Televised programs, THIS would be in at least the top three. Check out a video that has gone viral, of […]

Page Six is reporting that Alicia Keys and her husband Swiss Beatz were spending some time in the Hamptons recently when the returned home late one night to a house that wasn’t theirs. Keys, Swiss, and their friends reportedly continued to party at the house without realizing there was an issue until the real owner came downstairs to investigate the […]

That’s right, your resolution can just be wrong.  You should really read this. Click here to READ MORE.