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(CNN) — Forget about using your smartphone in the car. Your next car might be one.

A growing number of auto and electronic companies are creating systems that put touchscreens, and the ability to talk and text, right into the dashboard.

In the near future, a significant percentage of new cars on the road are expected to come equipped with the ability to update Facebook statuses by voice and even surf the Web from the driver’s seat.

Ford, General Motors and several other automakers are pitching the systems as a safer and easier way to let drivers do what many of them are already doing — using their smartphones while driving.

“We saw this trend of mobile devices increasing, and we said this is an area where we can offer the customers a safer way to use those in the car,” said Ford spokesman Alan Hall.

Safety experts aren’t completely convinced, though. Some say that while hands-free devices remove part of the danger from using phones while driving, it remains to be seen how such devices are going to be used.

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