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Facebook is getting into the dating business, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg announcing the launch of a new dating feature yesterday (May 1st). Zuckerberg said the dating tool is, quote, “not just for hookups,” but to build “meaningful, long-term relationships.” Users will create a dating profile separate from their regular Facebook profile, and it won’t show up in […]

This could be us! Netflix is looking to pay people to do something you might already be doing– binge-watching shows. The streaming-giant announced it’s looking for people to fill “editorial analyst” jobs that include watching, rating and categorizing original and imported programming. The ideal candidates must be “passionate about movies and TV with a deep […]

“Facebook is for old people.”  I’ve heard the kids say, and it seems that they have some data to back up their claim. According to The Daily Mail Market research company eMarketer analyzed how US and UK adults use social media. They found Facebook is still attracting more users in both countries, but that most people […]

More and more people have been cutting off their cable because its too high, and a big reason for those high prices is paying for sports channels, whether you watch them or not.  According to TechCrunch, Now an Internet TV company called Philo has launched a streaming bundle that offers 35 cable channels, including many […]

The Apple iPhone X (pronounced iPhone “TEN,” not “ex”) is due to arrive in stores tomorrow Friday. Since it’s the most expensive smartphone ever, at $999, you might want to check out some of the reviews before standing in line on opening day. The New York Times’ reviewer says it’s the best iPhone ever made. […]

Google will be investigating $1 billion in preparing Americans for the future of tech jobs, with CEO Sundar Pichai announcing the initiative yesterday (October 12th), the biggest philanthropic effort in the company’s history. The program, called Grow with Google, provides resources for Americans to learn and teach new technology skills to help ready the workforce as jobs […]

Netflix and Fly?  You may soon be able to watch Netflix in the air. According to a report in Variety, The streaming company plans to offer its product to airline carriers worldwide beginning in 2018. The company says it’s mobile streaming technology could help airlines save up to 75 percent in bandwidth costs, and would […]

Via TX Dept. Of Correction: TX Dept. Of Corrections Hiring *Correction Officers *Parole Officers *Agriculture Specialist  Tuesday August 8th  at 2018 IH 45N Conroe, TX 77301  8:00am – 3:00pm  Click here for more details

Check this out.  According QUARTZ, Though video is undeniably better when watched on a large screen, new data from media agency Zenith reveals we now spend 30 minute per day watching videos on our phone screens. And that’s a lot of time, considering in 2012 people spent just four minutes per day doing the same. […]

The long-rumored Super Nintendo Entertainment System classic has officially been announced, and according to Mashable, it’s coming on September 29th. Just like its NES Classic predecessor, the diminutive replica of Nintendo’s second gaming console ever comes packed with games. The $79.99 price tag gets you 21 classics from the SNES era, as well as two […]

Instagram is really becoming the second Snapchat. According to Buzzfeed, Yesterday (May 16th), a blog post by the app explained they added “face filters,” which look an awful lot like Snapchat’s filters. Additionally, the app added tools that let you post a video in reverse (“Rewind”.) Instagram users can also now add hashtag stickers to […]

Here’s a great article from Mashable, talking about passwords and all the symbols or numbers or both upper- and lower-case letters, or all of them together, in order to have a strong password, may not need be necessary, and it could actually be counterproductive. The National Institute of Standards and Technology put out a new […]