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Two teenage girls lives have dramatically changed over $20.  Frustration and Ego may have been the culprits that took control and ended the life of a young African-American female in New York City.

Media outlets across the country reported on the sad but true altercation between life long friends that ignited over the popular social media site Facebook.

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Loaning money out to family and/or friends can be a sensitive ordeal. A wise person advised me a long time ago that when you loan money out, do it and don’t expect it back. I believe that was valuable words of wisdom that I share with people when needed.

Have you ever loaned money and the situation resulted into a bad ordeal? How were you able to rise above it? What words of wisdom can you share with someone regarding loaning and borrowing? What do you think is the best way to loan money to people?

Elev8 would love to hear your thoughts. Please share.

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