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It’s just this one time.” That’s what we say when we spend money we don’t need to spend. The thing is, if you don’t set out a plan ahead of time of what you do and don’t want to buy, “It’s just this one time” turns into most times, because you have nothing to hold yourself accountable to. Think about these plans ahead of time for 2012.

Rewards programs

We’re offered them at the checkout stand just as we’re dying to get back in the car and go on with our day. So we always say “No, thanks” thinking maybe next time. Think about the places you shop a lot and put time aside to go sign up for their rewards cards. Take a pharmacy, for example, where you buy prescriptions, shampoo, beauty products, vitamins—things weekly. You could be throwing away over a hundred dollars a month by not signing up for their rewards program.

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