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It was a late night for the wife and me we were hanging with some friends and we had just left a club listening to a live band and of course we were hungry. Our friends suggest a place call Capone’s  it’s a cool little place tuck away in the heart of the Galleria. When we walk in the smell of hot bake bread, marinara sauce and cheese met us at the front door, from that moment I new we were in the right place. We sat at the bar right in front of the brick oven, most restaurants say they have a brick oven but it’s always out of site. The view at the bar was great because you can see the cooks prepare your food right in front of you. I am a meat lover my wife not so much so we compromise and order the Godfather which topping includes pepperoni, sweet Italian sausage, and fresh jalapenos. They made the crust just the way I like it crispy and thin and the tomato sauce sweet with big pieces of pepperoni, sausage and the mozzarella cheese just melts as you slowly pull it away from your mouth. The cool part about this spot it’s not just a restaurant they had a live band jamming some blues and they didn’t hit us to bad in our wallets we spent about twenty five bucks with pizza and sodas. I will definitely be back to this place the food was good, great atmospheres and friendly services. Check out Capone’s at 4304 Westheimer @ Midlane, Houston, TX 77027

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