Oprah has weighed in on the Paula Deen situation.  According to Pulse of Radio:

 In an interview withEntertainment Tonight, O said about Deen, “I think Paula Deen was used sort of like a symbol, but I think a lot of people use that word inappropriately, all the time.” When asked if she will be interviewing her soon, Oprah said, “Uh, I don’t know [if I’ll be sitting down with her]. When she’s ready to talk. Just like when Lindsay [Lohan] was in a position where she wasn’t ready to make a decision about moving forward, I think you have to let the dust settle and figure out where you are in all of that before you can have a real conversation.”

Oprah is currently on a press junket for her new movie Lee Daniels’ The Butler in theaters on August 16.

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