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Rumor has it that Mariah Carey is upset with how Def Jam is giving all the attention to Kanye West and not her.  According to Pulse of Radio:

An insider told Star magazine that MC has reportedly had enough with the record label. She also accused Def Jam execs of catering to Ye’s “self-centered, misogynistic” ego and musical style.

The source revealed that MC and Ye engaged in a battle of egos over who would get the most time and attention from Island Def Jam. The source explained, “Mariah threw a temper tantrum and accused execs at Island Def Jam of not making the same investment in her as they do in Kanye. She blew up in a meeting and called Kanye a ‘self-centered crybaby’ and said his music is angry and misogynistic. She kept going, ‘Yeezus!’ Who calls themselves Yeezus?”

The source also claimed that word got back to Ye about MC’s temper tantrum and he wasn’t very pleased. The source said, “When word got back to Kanye that Mariah was trash-talking him, he was furious. He called her several times, but Mariah never returned the calls.”

If this is true, Mariah better be careful.  She should  possibly get a hit record from Yeezus!