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This year’s TV season has a number of throwback moments – from Queen Latifah and Arsenio Hall returning to host talk shows to Michael J. Fox’s return to sitcom television. On the news side, CNN is presenting its own throwback TV under new boss and former NBC honcho Jeff Zucker.

“Crossfire,” the show that pitted a liberal against a conservative for spirited debate, was a big part of CNN’s early days. Now it’s back, this time starring activist/attorney Van Jones and politician Newt Gingrich. “Good debates and discussions are going to be the whole point of “Crossfire,” Jones told The Tom Joyner Morning Show.  “We’re going to get a topic and go at it.”

Jones is well-known for his work as an environmental activist. He was appointed Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality by President Barack Obama in 2009, a job he resigned from that same year because of conservative objection to controversial statements he’d made in the past.

That shouldn’t prove to be a problem on “Crossfire.”

‘“Crossfire’ was one of the most famous shows in the world when it went off the air in 2005. Everybody said it was too partisan. But after that, TV got worse, even crazier. Now you have whole stations where it’s just one political point of view, another political point of view, with no overlap. This is going to be a show where everybody’s going to come to the table. You can’t just attack a liberal and a liberal’s not there. You can’t just attack a conservative and the conservatives aren’t there. You have to sit across the table from somebody and go toe to toe with them for 30 minutes on a key topic of the day.”

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