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President Obama is sporting more salt than pepper hair these days, but he has no worries because his wife Michelle loves it.

During a Google Hangout on Friday dubbed “A Virtual Road Trip with President Obama,” the POTUS opened up about being a sliver fox. After Rob Page from Portland, Maine brought up an article he read about presidents aging more rapidly than the average population, Mr. Obama said he’s embracing his gray hair and all the duties that come along with his stressful job.

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“You, my friend, are looking particularly distinguished. I mean that in the nicest way possible,” Page told the President. “How are you? How is life treating you? Are you happy? Is everything good with you?”

“You know, I am pretty happy,” Mr. Obama replied with a smile. “The main reason is because I’ve got this amazing wife and two unbelievably terrific daughters who are growing up a little fast and I don’t see them as much as I’d like because they’re always hanging out with their friends these days, but that keeps my life in perspective.”

He added, “Every single day I wake up and I have the possibility and the opportunity of making things a little bit better for somebody out there.”

“My wife at least, still thinks I’m pretty cute even with the gray hair,” he said in conclusion. “I just want you to know.”

See the full conversation below and leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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