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My wife was diagnosed with N. A. S . H. What exactly is that?

NonAcoholic SteatoHepatitis. It is very important that she keep all doctors appointments.  The best treatment is weight loss through moderate exercise and a good diet

Is there a vaccine for Hep C?

Unfortunately there is not.

What can I do if I have Hepatitis C? what can I do to remedy it?

the first step is to see your doctor and have them run blood tests.  From there they will discuss treatment options.  The new medicines make it more likely than ever to get better!

What are the names of the new medicine?

The class of medications are “protease inhibitors.”  There are two main options that are currently approved for use in the USA

Are the drug for treatment of Hep C expensive?

Through your insurance company the treatment costs can be quite reasonable.  The treatment is also much less expensive than the cost to your body if you do not treat.

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