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Unfortunately, not every man that is qualified to sleep over deserves to graduate into relationship territory. But in the meantime, you shouldn’t feel prisoned to dry spells until Mr. Right comes knocking on your door. Right?

Before diving into any friends-with-benefits arrangement, prepare yourself to set boundaries and cold cut rules in order to keep the sex fling lighthearted and drama-free. Here’s how…

1. Stay Busy

Too much free time equals way too much think time. Stay as busy as possible. Get some extra work done after hours, involve yourself with an activity and take all procedures to keep your mind from wandering. We all know what can happen when the sex overpowers. It can handicap our thoughts into believing that our flings could elevate into something deeper. Spend less time thinking and more time doing.

2. Avoid Talking On The Phone

Long live those innocent, teenage high school days, when spending countless hours on the phone was a normal routine. Now there are real consequences that come with that kind of personal one on one time- the consequence being, “feelings.”

To remain as detached as possible, limit your sex partner to standard texts or even tweets. Keep any phone call brief and to the point. Don’t become too engulfed in his personal life and most importantly, don’t end up being his shoulder to cry on for any reason.

2. Restore Your Dating Life

Reminder: Your sex partner is NOT your man. He may be designated to satisfy your cravings, but that doesn’t mean he will be supplying your meals. Continue to have a healthy dating life outside of the bedroom. Don’t abandon your need for positive male attention and courteous gestures.

4. Keep Your Friendships Separate

When the time comes for the two of you to part ways, sever all ties and leave all baggage at the door. Hopefully you’ve established your own friendships with people who have zilch to do with him.

5. Know His Flaws

Every woman has her deal breakers. Find those flaws about him that you could never see yourself compromising on. There has to be a reason why you placed him into sex-only territory anyways? Could it be that his jokes are corny but his body is delicious? Maybe he still lives at home with no end game? Once you are aware of his flaws, remind yourself of them every time you ponder over the possibility of the relationship becoming something greater.

6. Get Bitchy

What do you do when he starts wining and dining you out of nowhere? When it’s actually HIM who contemplates if the relationship has potential? Well, you’re at war; and now he’s become the enemy.

There is no room for a weak link in the sex game, so if he isn’t going to play his position, you might have to take on scary tactics to snap him out of this romantic haze. Release your inner bitch if you have to. Pull out all dramatic measures to ensure his feelings stay at a far distance.

7. Resist The Urge To Do Something Nice For Him

Hey, you signed up for this strictly sex life; I’m just making sure you succeed. Resist the urge for doing something particularly nice for him; whether it’s a birthday, holiday or fathers day—do not make him feel special.


How do you keep things light with a casual sex partner? Sound off in the comment section.



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