4. Remove something from the environment when you acquire something additional. Out with the old. In with the new.

 4 Ideas to clear Head Space

1. Slow down and pay attention, really listen, to the messages in your head.

2. Use this key question to help you make improvements and eliminate brain drain. “Do I have other options?”

Rushing to get out the door and get to work? Do I have other options?  Rushing to get the kids to school on time? Do I have other options? Rising blood pressure when the same person pushes your buttons? Do I have other options? Refusing to try an exercise class or go to the gym? Do I have other options? Stopping at a fast-food place on the way home? Do I have other options?

3. Leave yourself notes or set an alarm and stop a few times a day to see what you’re doing and what you’re thinking. Eating? Checking Facebook/Twitter for the 10th time?  Playing Spider Solitaire once again? Talking and listening to the same old conversation?

4. What are your routines? Morning, Lunch, Late afternoon, Dinner, Bedtime? What are your habits? Productive, Time wasters, Destructive? Can you drop some, change some? Do you regularly procrastinate? Avoiding dreaded tasks drains energy and leads to low or no productivity. List the tasks you’ve been avoiding and DO THEM!

You will be amazed at the energy boost you get. Being intentional about your physical and mental environment, including how you schedule time and treat your relationships will give you the energy to face your daily challenges and do the things you want to be doing. One day and one thing at a time. Move to deliberate living!

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