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Bow Wow just gave the 2017 demonstration of “when keeping it real goes wrong.” If you haven’t heard, earlier today Trump indulged in his favorite past time by using his Twitter fingers to bash Snoop Dogg by saying he has a “failing career” after the rapper was featured in a new music video where he shoots a lookalike of the POTUS. This is where Bow Wow comes in to try and help…all while failing miserably.

So far Snoop has yet to verbally respond to Trump’s critiques, except for posing in front of his platinum plaques to let #45 know that he is far from a failure, but that didn’t stop Bow Wow from jumping in to defend him. Instead of just attacking Trump directly, which is the easiest thing to do, he went to attacking Melania Trump instead.

Bow Wow tweeted that Trump better shut the f**k up before he and Snoop “pimp” Melania. Yikes! While we all have our issues with Trump, his administration and his family, saying that you would pimp out the FLOTUS is about as dumb and ridiculous as it gets. First, Snoop can handle himself pretty well and didn’t need Bow Wow jumping in and secondly, if Bow Wow wanted to defend his Uncle Snoop there are certainly better ways instead of alluding to the prostitution of the Melania Trump.

As usual, Bow Wow takes another L, due to his apparent impulse control issues that cause him to make himself a constant mockery on social media. Please do better. If you want to bash Trump, find a better way.

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