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A bunch of red tissue paper broken hearts

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Nothing is worse than having a broken heart, and according to FOX News,

New data reveals it can really affect your stomach. Gert ter Horst, a professor of neurobiology and director of the Neuroimaging Center at the University Hospital explains that heartbreak causes “quite a bit of stress,” and that the body responds to this by raising cortisol and adrenaline levels. He adds,

“Similar to being in a stressful situation, the level of adrenaline and heart rate both go up during excessive activity. Because of that, it’s almost impossible to get food down your throat.”

In other words, a person’s body goes into a fight or flight response post-breakup which includes having your stomach muscles tightening up and hindering appetite plus digestion. Additionally, the emotional pain of heartbreak impacts how we eat, our need for food, and what we taste.

WOW!  Can totally related, because it’s happened to me.

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