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The Lifetime Movie Network premiered ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ and social media went crazy.  The three-part series was shocking and sickening to many despite all the past allegations, all the rumors and all of the legal troubles.

The two-hour premiere revealed many things about Robert Kelly.  Here are the top 15 things revealed in the first night of ‘Surviving R. Kelly’

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  1. R. Kelly had serious trouble reading and writing and was teased in school by his peers about it.
  2. R. Kelly began being molested by a family member at the age 7.  He claims the abuse continued into his early teens.
  3. Some of his brothers claim they were molested as well.
  4. R. Kelly dropped out of school his senior year of high school.
  5. He was discovered on Natalie Cole’s television show called ‘Big Break’ in the 80s.
  6. Jovante Cunningham (R. Kellys background singer) claims at the age of 14 that she witnessed R. Kelly in a sex act with a minor during the recording of Slow Dance the remix.
  7. R. Kelly met the aspiring singer Aaliyah through her manager Barry Hankerson and started working with her when she was 12 years old.
  8. In 1994 R. Kelly & Aaliyah did a BET interview dressed alike and were asked about their “relationship”  they never answer directly calling each other ‘best friends’
  9. Jovante Cunningham claims to have walked in on Aaliyah and R. Kelly having sex in 1994 on his tour bus.  Aaliyah was only 15 at the time.
  10. Rocky Bivens Demetrius Smith (R. Kellys Business Manager) claims to have witnessed the wedding between R. Kelly and Aaliyah.  He claims to be involved with the forging of the papers.  On the marriage certificate, it was stated that Aaliyah was 18 but she was actually 15 years old.  R. Kelly was 27 years old.
  11. The marriage between R. Kelly and Aaliyah was annulled in 2 months.  R. Kelly was reported to pay Aaliyah’s family $100 not to pursue legal action.
  12. Aspiring singer Lizzette Martinez met at age 17 at a mall in Florida.  He pursued her sexually and she didn’t know what to do because she wanted a career in the music business.  She claims he mentally and physically abused her.  Later on into the relationship she became pregnant but lost the baby.  R. Kelly wrote “You are Not Alone” for Micahel Jackson about Lizzette.  Lizzette caught mono from him and became very sick.  R. Kelly sent $1,000 to her family and sent her away.
  13. Craig Williams, a music producer, claims to see multiple underage women all over his home and studio in beds.  He claims suspicion to the lifestyle R. Kelly was living.
  14. Andrea Kelly, a dancer, met R. Kelly as a teenager.  She auditioned to be his dancer and got the part on his tour.  A relationship formed that eventually turned into a marriage in 1996.  Andrea claims she suffered many years of physical and mental abuse in their relationship.
  15. Sparkle, one of his singers/proteges, introduced R. Kelly to her niece, a rapper, at the age of 13 years old.  Years later it was revealed that Sparkles niece was the young girl on the videotape that prompted the 2002 child pornography charges.


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