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GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Campaigns In Cedar Falls, Iowa

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You catch more bees with honey than with vinegar, but it’s quite obvious that Donald Trump never heard that saying growing up as it is being reported that #45 is making threats against schools and the CDC in the middle of a pandemic where ironically the rest of the worlds numbers are coming down while we are spiking.

Most politicians while campaigning are out kissing babies, but Trump is demanding that the babies be put in COVID-19 harms way.

In Trumps latest temper tantrum he is pressuring the government’s top public health experts i.e. the CDC to lighten recommendations for how the nation’s schools could reopen safely this fall and threatened to cut federal funding for school districts that defied his demand to open schools in full in the fall.

Once again putting Trump is putting his non-experienced political wants ahead of public health experts.

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