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Source: Brandon Caldwell / Radio One Digital

CeCe Winans is still at the top of her game. The 56-year-old is among the most awarded female singer in gospel history with 12 Grammy Award wins plus chart-topping hits with Whitney Houston in “Count On Me” as well as her celebrated family, The Winans. So why was now the perfect time to release her new album, Believe For It?

“We know faith is what we need in order to … we’re people of faith, you know?” she told AV. “We’re driven by the word of God and I want to encourage everybody to believe again. I want to encourage everybody to believe in the impossible. We’re dealing with a lot of aftermath, we’re dealing with broken hearts and people lost income, their businesses … and we as the leaders, as a voice in the body of Christ, I want to encourage people to release their faith for the impossible, because God has a plan.”

Winans and AV details growing up in a house full of singers such as her brother Marvin and her father Pop Winans and how competitive it was. “I thank God for them not compromising on raising us in church,” she says of her parents. “We could only listen to gospel music in our homes. They taught us holiness. They taught that it wasn’t just about being a hearer of the word but a doer of the word. So I tell people if you see any of us Winans acting crazy, it’s not because we don’t know better. It’s because we just lost our minds, so just pray us on back. Cause the Bible says if you raise ’em up, they will not leave, they’ll come back.”

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As she continues to be a mentor for younger artists in terms of entrepreneurship and more, she can also look back and wonder what she would tell her self.

“The younger CeCe? Chill out!” Winans exclaims. “God knows everything. I tell people, stop worrying, enjoy the journey. Just focus on loving Him. God has done things for me that I haven’t even prayed for. He does things that are so much greater than what you can imagine. When you serve him daily, in your private time, not just when you’re in public, he shows up daily.”

She continued, “So I would tell my younger self, ‘Focus on pleasing Him.’ And I tell young people all the time, stop worrying about how you make this connection. The Holy Spirit knows how to connect everything and everybody. Remember, you’re the one God desires to be at the top.”

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