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Lyfe Jennings has already made the transition from being a full-time singer. His last album, 777 was released in 2019 and with one arc of his life being complete, the singer is making good on old promises and opening up about his life story.

The “Must Be Nice” singer is the next act to find themselves on the Unsung stage and while he was initially heistant to do the show, he was ultimately convinced of how it wasn’t a move for artists who have nothing going on to tell their story but rather artists still moving readying the next chapter of their lives.

“I think it was they changed their concept of Unsung,” Lyfe told AV from the Houston BMW Studios. “The name Unsung kinda gives the impression the career is over with and you haven’t been given your flowers. But the last time they called me, they said they revamped it. Just because this person is unsung doesn’t mean they’re not a viable source of entertainment and I was like, aight we can do something.”

Among Lyfe’s more interesting choices which doesn’t come up in his Unsung episode is his time on Love And Hip Hop. When asked about the show, he doesn’t hold back.

“Here we go,” Lyfe laughed when the topic came up. “I asked myself the same question. Why was I on here?”

When asked why he specifically jumped on the controversial reality TV series, Lyfe gave his honest truth.

“It was kind of selfish on my part,” he said. “Honestly, I would have never did that show but Karlie … I was dealing with a lady who asked me to do the show before and I said no. Then Karlie Redd said, ‘You got an album coming out, don’t you?’ Ding, ding, ding! She started speaking my language. She was like, ‘Yo it would be so much bigger if you promote it on the show.’ And my record rep was like, ‘Yo, this isn’t even your speed right here.’ But she talked me into it and there I was. There I was.”

Lyfe only appeared on Love And Hip Hop for one full season but ultimately knew the show wasn’t for him.

“I looked for the exit door right after that first season,” he exclaimed. “This ain’t no jab at nobody but, I can’t stay around lames too long, man. I’d start saying sh*t that people take the wrong way, so I had to get in and get out. The cost of that marketing was higher than what I expected it to be. It was so crazy, I was going out in the streets and young cats were like, ‘This is Lyfe Jennings.’ And they’d be like, ‘Who?’ ‘Lyfe Jennings from Love and Hip Hop!’ I’m like, hold up! This ain’t Lyfe Jennings off Love and Hip Hop, this Lyfe Jennings the artist!”

Although he doesn’t have any ill will towards the show but for Lyfe, the show represented a conflict of interest in regards to discussing reform from a life of crime and making bad decisions versus being unreformed on television.

Watch Lyfe’s full episode of Unsung this Sunday (May 9) only on TV One.

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