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Being the youngest girl in my family (including my cousins), I always had a hard time getting my own things.  Whenever I needed new pants, my older sister or cousin would always have a pair that I could take.  When I was younger, I resented this.  As I’ve gotten older though, I’ve started to embrace combining peoples’ styles to make something cool.  That’s when my sister and I decided we should have a “clothes-swap” party.  Why not get a chance to test out more people’s styles while getting rid of the clothes that you no longer wear?

A great party consists of food, drinks, comfort, and friends.  Why not add clothes, shoes, and accessories to that list? A clothes-swap party involves everyone gathering at someone’s house and instead of bringing a gift, they bring some clothes or accessories that they no longer use.  Of course, these need to be clean and in good condition.  The point is to give people an opportunity to try other people’s things while also enhancing someone else’s wardrobe with what they don’t wear anymore.

An important part of clothes-swap parties is to have it in a comfortable environment.  People will be eating, drinking, and trying on new clothes.  The area should be spacious and organized in such a way that clothes are displayed well. It is a good idea to keep the party to just females so that people feel less self-conscious.  Keep some cameras around so that people can remember the cool ideas that they come up with!

The best part is: whatever is leftover goes to charity! It’s not a complete waste if nobody takes your clothes, because they will benefit someone else eventually.  Have a designated spot to put the rest of the clothes and then take them over to a good cause!

Any other ideas about themed parties? There’s nothing better than a party with extra perks!

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