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1. # 5 Just Ox Tails

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This restaurant has been serving Houston’s Southeast side for about 13 years. This is good food & a bit on the safe side when it comes to seasoning because a person like me loves to live dangerously. I like for my food to pop with different flavors and a little more variety on the menu but I still have to say they serve some good food and the 40 weight gravy is on point.

2. # 4 Creole Soul

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I had no clue that this place existed but after I had one bite of the pork chops and rice and gravy I knew they deserved to be heard. The mustard greens have a fresh & spicy flavor. I thought they were doing too much by serving BBQ but those ribs are smoked to the bone with a hint of sweetness. The food is great but sometimes the supply is limited and that can be upsetting to customers. 4260 S Kirkwood Rd.

3. # 3 Mikki’s Soul Food

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I have to give it up to Mikki’s for their variety of food. You can get traditional soul food such as greens, mac & cheese, pork chops to apricot chicken. This is no diss to you Mikki’s but your food can be seasoned to perfection one day then the next day be a little bland, but I have to say your desserts are always on point.

4. #2 Houston’s This Is It

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All the food at This is It reminds me of my childhood because this is the place we would go and eat between church services. My favorite items on their menu are the ham hocks and the chitterlings. The ham hock has a seasoning like no other till this day I cannot figure out what seasoning they use but they are not too salty and very meaty, and the chitterlings are so tasty and clean.

5. # 1 Esther’s Cajun Cafe & Soul Food

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This restaurant just blew me away, I didn’t think a place can pull off soul and cajun food, all of it was great. But if I had to make a choice on their menu it will be their soul food. The oxtails were so tender with a thick gravy and the mustard green had that spicy kick at the end of every bite just the way I like them. Check them out at 5204 Yale St. Houston, TX 77091 Phone 713-699-1212