News has published data from their study DEADLY FORCE, IN BLACK AND WHITE revealing the great disparity between deaths of black and white teens at the hands of Police. It’s eye-opening and something you should see for yourself. Click here to see’s report DEADLY FORCE, IN BLACK AND WHITE.


According to Pulse of Radio, Starting six months from now, you’ll have to be at least 21 years old to buy a pack of cigarettes in New York City. That’s the result of a new law passed by the City Council yesterday. Opponents argued that you can drive, vote and fight in a war before […]

21-year-old aspiring rapper, Ervin McKiness, tweeted popular phrase “YOLO” [You Only Live Once] about driving drunk at 120 mph right before he died in a fatal car crash that killed him and four others. (Mckiness is on the left in the photo)