Dr. Steven K. Grinspoon is a Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Director of the MGH Program in Nutritional Metabolism, and Director of the Nutrition Obesity Research Center at Harvard. He has a long-standing interest in the metabolic and endocrine complications of HIV disease, with an initial focus on insulin resistance and body composition. He has served […]

You’re not dead yet! That is the message of Thomas Jones and John Cotton in their new book, Aging Aggressively. They want you to take…

A study has showed that as you age it’s harder for you to remember things because you have much more imputed in your brain. The brain is made up into two hemispheres, with each side specializing in different operations. Brain scans show that while young people often use only one side for a specific task, middle-aged […]

This doesn’t sound safe at all.  According to ABC News, Researchers at Stanford University used common household products like bleach on rats. They discovered it had anti-aging benefits for their skin by preventing damage from the sun and inflammation. It raised the question: Could bleach be used for facials? The women we asked aren’t convinced. […]

People are always finding ways to look and feel younger.  Here are eight things that’ll help keep you looking young.  To find out what they are here.

A new study finds that sunscreen is actually effective at slowing the skin aging process, and may actually reverse it. To find this, researchers compared photaging in 900 men and women from Australia over a four-year period. Photaging is associated with coarser, slack skin with increased signs of sun damage and aging. The adults were […]

There’s nothing wrong with growing old gracefully, but who wants to look old?  Not me.  Preserving your youthful look isn’t a bad thing.  right? AOL Health serves up 5 ways to age gracefully, check these simple steps out: 1. Floss Regularly Oddly, flossing is good for your heart, and doing so regularly can add 6.4 […]

Does looking in the mirror these days cause you anxiety because the reflection you see is a woman with crow’s feet, frown lines, brow furrows and sagging skin, otherwise known as the aging version of your former self? For some women, aging is far more traumatic than bearing children, while others embrace the signs of aging because it demonstrates […]

Being in tune with our bodies is important as we grow older.  As we age, our metabolism slows down and we must challenge ourselves to stay healthy and fit.   Have you ever seen someone with extra weight that looks older?  Have you ever met someone who looks  fit and in top shape and looks […]