Here’s a list of resources to keep you safe during tropical storm Bill. Flood Resources Preparation City of Houston Office of Emergency Management Houstonians should begin preparing now for the potential of heavy rain, wind and power outages as this system begins tracking towards the city. Begin taking the following steps to be prepared for […]


A proposed bill in Oklahoma could make wearing a hoodie illegal.  It may sound ridiculous but stranger laws have passed.  Oklahoma residents are rightfully concerned as we all should be, because if passed this type of law would soon move on to other States.  Click here for More.


From NewsOne.com, If Attorneys Mark O’Mara and Don West have anything to say about it, getting away with the murder of Trayvon Martin is going to cost George Zimmerman $2.5 million dollars. And to paraphrasea JG Wentworth commercial: It’s their blood money and they want it now. Zimmerman was acquitted on all charges in Martin’s shooting death, even though he got out of his vehicle,  followed […]

They told the women they could put her on a payment plan..lol    click here for the full story source: techvibes.com

It’s a fact: Texas heat is no joke. When you combine temperatures that are well within the 90s with humidity, it can make for a…

I am a 25-year old female who has been dating a 42-year old man.  We have been dating for about a year and a half. I am also a mother of two children. When me and this man first saw one another we knew we had to get to know one another. A little in […]

The measure, which goes to President Obama for his signature, would succeed a funding plan that expires Friday.