George Zimmerman is now being held by police involving  a domestic incident involving a gun, said by police  today. According to police in Lake Mary, Florida, Zimmerman is being held  after a domestic dispute involving his wife and father-in-law. Read More 

A  email was sent to a group of church volunteers writing “first impressions matter” and that the congregation wanted “the best of the best on the front doors.” “So we would like to ask that only white people be on the front doors.”     Hum!! the Jesus I know Looks at the heart let’s keep […]

This pup is too cute she and Bo are going to have lots of fun together.   

So many little girls of color still have the desire the be in the fashion industry and wouldn’t it be a shame if there dreams are crush. Read More

Images courtesy of VH1 Pic It’s going down tonight on VH1 all the ratchetnees and crazy you want to see!!   SEE VIDEO        

  My prayer is for the child I hope he is alright. Read More    

I cant believe this is still happening Read More

Some say that wasnt the reason he was attack look at this video and you be the judge.

Some thought he wouldn’t see 95 but I serve a great God that says different. Read More

As the song goes from Maurrette Brown Clark  It Ain’t Over Till God Says It Over!! Read More