Came across this wild article on The Daily Mail about a 39 year old man who says he’s ‘happily married’ by cheating on his wife.  According to the article, Ryan said after being married for a while each of them started to take things for granted and the ‘spark and mystery’ of the relationship became […]

Saw this story a few weeks ago and thought it wouldn’t work.  I was right.  According to Pulse of Radio, A cheating husband has vowed to win back his ex-wife after a Facebook sign about his cheating ways got 15,000 likes. Ivan Lewis was forced to pose with an embarrassing sign after his ex-wife Sonya […]

I’m 27-years old and married to a 34-year old West African man. He and I are about to have our 2 year anniversary in October and we have a son who is one years old. I know that going through my husband’s Facebook messages and text messages is a violation of privacy, but because I do not know any of his family, and none of his friends lives here or visits often. It’s hard for me to know who he truly is other than what he tells me.