Will Smith’s new movie, Collateral Beauty was filmed while his father, William Carroll Smith, was dying. He sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on Ellen Thursday to discuss the tough time and, ironically, how it helped him heal: “What was really interesting was that I got the screenplay right when my father was diagnosed. So I have this screenplay and I’m doing all of […]

This story spoke to me because I, myself, was going through this.  From Black and Married with Kids,  She/He is your EX for a reason! I’m not a bible-thumper but for these reasons this passage of scripture is so apropos, As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly The […]

Here is Madenoire.com‘s 10 ways to heal after a heartbreak. Travel Nothing, and I mean nothing – washes away the sadness of a failed relationship like traveling. You can go around the corner, down the street, or to another city, it doesn’t matter. A change of scenery (as well as drinking out of a coconut) will […]