independence day

It is “Independence Day” in America. It is most often referred to as “the Fourth of July. On that date in 1776, independence from Great Britain was declared.   While we celebrate the 4th, we generally  take for granted the freedoms and liberties we enjoy. As a participatory democracy, we must be engaged to appreciate […]

Best known for her roles in Kill Bill, Soul Food and Curb Your Enthusiasm, Vivica A. Fox has learned the art of mastering a career…

This year, the city of Pearland held their 4th of July 2015 Celebration of Freedom at Pearland High School Football Stadium (The Rig).  The Majic 102.1 crew and the Radio One family were in attendance for all of the festivities, food, and fun at the Independence Day party in Pearland.  Here are a few “Moments […]

Today, March 2nd is Texas’ birthday! March 2 is a big day here; on this day in 1836, Texas became a republic. Delegates from the 17 Mexican municipalities of Texas and the settlement of Pecan Point had met the day before at Washington-on-the-Brazos to consider independence from Mexico. March 2 is Texas Independence Day ; […]

Via The sequels to “Independence Day,” “Independence Day 2″ and “Independence Day 3″ starring Will Smith, just may have a special twist. An MTV blogger, who interviewed director Ronald Emmerich, wrote that the president of the United States will be Will Smith. “It’s an alternate reality kind of movie. We pick up the story, […]