For so many people, Christmas is about rampant commercialism. Many take this opportunity to try to keep up with the Joneses. They rush here and there, trying to keep up with a hectic schedule. I propose that we all jump off that speeding train and take time to not only appreciate the true meaning of […]

Check out Bill Gates’s top 10 rules for success. It might help you take your career to the next level.  Enjoy!

Here’s a few inspiring words from Oprah Winfrey to get your day started off in the right direction.  Check it out below. Enjoy!

Check out this motivational video from E.T. The Hip Hop Preacher on how to get threw your storm.

Motivational speaker Les Brown explains how to change your mind from negative to positive in this “It’s Possible” clip.  Check it out below!

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Black women have always had a way with words. It's engrained in us, as culturally, across time and space, we have used our words to survive, preserve and thrive.

Internal defeat is a mindset, where you begin to believe that most your new ideas will fail. You might think -”After all, what I tried in last month’s marketing campaign, failed.” Learn From Your Mistakes You always have the opportunity to learn from mistakes.  Look at your mistakes clearly as a test, examine your process […]

We all need some words of wisdom to lift us up from time to time.

Check out my motivational monday pick of the day.  It explains what you want to be remembered for. It’s a montage of different motivational speakers and movies. Check it out below!  

Just two weeks ago, we reported on how Humans of New York profiled 13-year-old Vidal Chastanet from Brooklyn, who praised his principal Ms. Nadia Lopez because “She told each one…