Former Los Angeles Lakers great and current New Your Knicks coach Derek Fisher is having a tough year. As a first year head coach for the, Knick the team is having a losing season, on top of that he and his wife Candace, has filed for divorce just one month after they celebrated their 10 […]

Los Angeles Lakers star Lamar Odom is back to doing drugs, according to TMZ.  Click here to see what’s going on with him. Photo credit: New York Daily News

They business and family don’t mix well but was this really business or could you get some of your junk out of my house Read More

Anyone who listens to the TJMS knows that if the fly jock Tom Joyner roots for a team?…That team will LOSE…Comedian Dominique who is a big LA Laker fan has to cheer her team on against the hottest west conference team the Oklahoma City Thunder…So for good luck she asks Tom to cheer for Oklahoma […]

It’s no secret, all you have to do is give Dominique the mic and it’s OVER!!!

  *After 10 years of owning a piece of the Los Angeles Lakers, former team member Earvin “Magic” Johnson has sold his share of the franchise to a long time season ticket holder for an undisclosed amount. Johnson, who played 13 years for the Lakers, originally paid $10 million in 1994 for a 4.5% share […]