Saying he "did something stupid and wrong," the White president of the Maricopa County chapter of the NAACP on Wednesday apologized for making a sexist comment following a meeting on racial sensitivity, reports the Huffington Post.


Adam Satterly earned 60 days behind bars for the outburst.

If you Google Map “nigga house,” this is what you’ll find. America. — deray mckesson (@deray) May 19, 2015 Internet juggernaut Google is apologizing…

It’s no secret. The word “thug” in the media has long been a euphemism for Black people, often used by those who fail to consider…

As the city of Baltimore deals with what many have considered inevitable – conflict between the community and law enforcement boiling over onto the streets…


Oklahoma’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon House Mom Hurls N-Word It would appear the recently discovered racist video chant by members of the University of Oklahoma’s Sigma…


Holiday Grammar: Top Trending Slang Words of 2014   The other day I was having a truly comical conversation with our very own Uncle Funky Larry Jones in which the topic of “What is a THOT?” came up.  The glee and amazement that came over his face at the revelation… He had silently been wondering […]

Have you ever been in an area of your city and was unable to communicate with its residents due to a language barrier? You remember the frustration you felt?

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The Brooklyn Comedy Company proudly presents the 2nd installment in season 3 of “This Week in Blackness.”