Motivational Speaker Les Brown reveals a few of the secrets to success.  He believes “You Gotta Be Hungry” meaning you have to work with a sense of urgency.   We have to work to our full potential and work like everyday is our last.  Find out what other secrets to success he […]

Les Brown explains how you should always keep sight of your dreams and engage in consistent action.  This video motivated me today hopefully it will do the same for you.  Check it out below!

Motivational Speaker, Les Brown, is always someone I like to listen to when I need to get motivated or inspired.  In this video he explains how he over came some of the trails and tribulations and his life.   Brown explains how he was able to push forwarded and get “Unstuck”.  His theme for this speech is […]

Motivational speaker Les Brown explains how to change your mind from negative to positive in this “It’s Possible” clip.  Check it out below!

Check out this motivational message from motivational speaker Les Brown!

“You don’t own the future, You don’t own the past, Today is all you have ”  –  Les Brown

If you fall, fall on your back, If you can look up, You can get up! –  Les Brown