If you are thinking about entering an office pool this video is a must watch. Check out a few of the do’s and don’ts for the office lottery.

Plus, the new face of Mr. Clean is African-American and Jay Z believes that Rikers Island prison should be shut down.

Find out how to increase you chances of winning the lottery from this 7-time lottery winner.  And if you win because of he just throw me a couple million nothing much.  Good Luck!

The Texas Lottery has partnered with the Houston Astros® on a new $5 scratch ticket. The Houston AstrosTM game offers more than $9.8 million in total prizes, three top prizes of $100,000 and a chance to win a trip to the World SeriesTM. The game is available at Texas Lottery retailers across the state. “We’ve […]

Seven people have been arrested in the death of a $434,000 lottery winner, who was killed during a home invasion in January in Fitzgerald, Georgia, according to the New York Daily News.

Craigory Burch Jr., 20, who won $434,272 in Georgia lottery’s Fantasy 5, died in a daring home invasion.


Although the odds of winning are 1 in 292.2 million, people are flocking to local stores vying for a chance to win the prize.


The Powerball lottery jackpot will reach $400 million by the next drawing on Wednesday (January 6th), the highest value since September 2013, after nobody won the $334 million jackpot on Saturday (January 2nd). Powerball rule changes that were made in October made players more likely to win a small prize, but decreased chances of winning […]


On Friday, Holmes posted a $12 million bond, the fourth time she's put up millions since she hit the lottery.

Social media users were critical in August when Marie Holmes, 26, of Wilmington, North Carolina paid $9 million to twice bail out her fiancé, Lamarr McDow, from jail.

Marie Holmes stole our hearts when she won a $188 million Powerball jackpot. She reportedly used part of her jackpot to bail her fiancé

Did you know $800 million in lottery winnings goes unclaimed in America every year?  $50 million of that is just here in Texas.  That’s why…