Today’s throw Back Thursday artist spotlight is Mary J. Blige.  Check out her “Behind The Music” special below.  You might find out some interesting facts out about her that you didn’t know before.  

Here’s Mary J Blidge and a few of her celebrity friends.

Via *This week’s episode of “Empire” will feature a flashback to the 90s, when Cookie Lyon was in prison, and her husband, Lucious Lyon, had moved on for the moment with a woman named Angie, played the queen of RNB, Mary J. Blige. Check out Mary’s appearance and listen to what she had to say about […]

According to TMZ, Mary J . Blige is being sued by a promotional company called Vision Entertainment Worldwide for cancelling a performance in Dallas. The company has claimed that the singer was due to perform on December 9, 2013, but cancelled a few days before hand because she had to perform with Mick Jagger and Rolling Stones on Demcember 8th. The company […]

She could have sung I Wont complain, His Eye Is On The Sparrow  or When I see Jesus Amen But Nooo she had to sing this song