OMG! Insider Kevin Frazier gives the behind the scene details of the 2013 BET Awards including the real reason behind Claudia Jordan‘s altercation with Omarosa…

Amanda Bynes Arrested Troubled actress Amanda Bynes was arrested for allegedly throwing a bong out of her Midtown apartment window. The Drake lusting starlet whose…

  Director Robert Townsend is well-known for his comedy films like, “The Five Heartbeats,” about a male singing group. But he moved to darker fare last year with his film “In the Hive,” a movie about a school in North Carolina run by the extraordinary Vivian Saunders. By, Tonya Pendleton, Read more:

Actor Michael Clarke Duncan’s untimely death last September was a sad event for his family, his fiancee, reality star Omarosa Manigualt and the fans who…


Kevin Frazier talks with the crew about the current rumors pertaining to Michael Clarke Duncan’s death and Omarosa.

Reports say that the family of the late Michael Clarke Duncan wants his fiancé, Omarosa Manigault, investigated.  Find out why here.

  Recently, La Toya Jackson sank to a new low in her feud with Omarosa by quipping that she caused the death of her late fiance, Michael Clarke Duncan. By Read more

According to the AP, the late burly actor Michael Clarke Duncan had plenty of celebrity friends such as Tom Hanks, Stevie Wonder, Loretta Devine and Tom Hanks to come out to mourn and also celebrate his life and career. Read More

Two black men died untimely deaths in the last two weeks. One, Michael Clarke Duncan, was a major movie star known to millions as John Coffey in “The Green Mile,” the other, music manager Darrell “Baby Chris” Lighty, was well known to the music industry but not as much of a public figure. The two […]

Michael Clarke Duncan Is Still Recovering Read More 

  Michael Clarke Duncan star of “The Green Mile” remains hospitalized in Los Angeles after suffering a heart attack more than three weeks ago. As posted by Read more:

According to the AP, actor Michael Clarke Duncan can’t seem to shake the heart attack that he had a near month ago.  He remains hopsitalized.