Much of the mainstream media has failed to cover missing Black and Latinx girls in the nation's capital.

Could you imagine losing you husband and father after a tragic accident and then he’s found decades later living in another country with a new name and family? Who does that? It seems that this occurs more than most realize, though it is not yet known why Ronald Stan has done this to his Canadian […]

We need to find our babies. Click here to see More pics of them

It’s amazing how in this country you can be a nobody one day to the media and the next day everyone knows your name. Click Here to find out more about Mr. Ramsay

A teen girl is missing after she went to the restroom at a local movie theater in northwest Houston and never returned. Taylor Danielle Amos,…

Recently I personally was frantic when I hadn’t heard from a family member in weeks and became concerned of their where abouts and watching the news last night I felt like it would be extremely helpful and important to report this to the Majic family. On Monday October 3rd, Kimberly Lavaughn Rhodes is 7-months pregnant […]