Making mistakes at work is inevitable. Starting a new job brings about its own learning curve, which may prove difficult. Additionally, if you are seeking…


Middle Aged or not, we’re making a lot of mistakes with our money so take time to check out some advice about your money. Click here for More.

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Spell Check! Grammar Check! Spell Check! Grammar Check! So basic, yet so overlooked. Not checking your spelling, punctuation, and grammar on any important document could be a self-inflicted shot in the foot when it comes to getting your foot in the door of the office. Make sure all of the company names, descriptions and little […]


A coroner’s investigator acknowledged Thursday that she made mistakes while collecting medications and other evidence from Michael Jackson’s bedroom after he died, but she minimized the issues by saying no investigation is perfect.

It’s happened to all of us. You’re going about your business, using multiple keyboards to tap out missives of variable sum and substance, and one to ten seconds after hitting send … BAM! The sounds around you drop to a static buzz. Your stomach plummets an inch or two south. A cold feeling fills your […]

Sometimes guys trip up their own game with the ladies without even realizing it. Here’s a list of the most common dating mistakes guys make– so you can keep your game in check.