The latest tally of the November 6th election results show that President Obama is the first president since Dwight Eisenhower to get at least 51 percent of the national popular vote twice, when they were first elected and then re-elected, and the first Democrat to do so since Franklin Roosevelt. Obama’s national tally was boosted on December 31st, when New […]

A police spokesperson revealed that Solomon “believed her family was going to have hardship because of Obama win Read more  

Via: <:section sizset=”0″ sizcache020898833577793974=”2″>  In a town near Obama’s father’s rural village, newborn twins have been named Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, as other single boys are named after the US president. <:section sizset=”0″ sizcache020898833577793974=”1″>   The election has triggered a new generation of Barack Obamas and one Mitt Romney, with parents in Kenya […]

I seen some comments on facebook and twitter some people said it was cold as ice some like any other day here are some more comments I found online Read More


Real estate mogul, devout friend to the Republican party, and now all-round bellyacherDonald Trump should be eating crow right about now but instead, he chose to lambast President Barack Obama on Twitter forwinning his consecutive bid for the presidency on Tuesday night. The offensively coiffed trillionaire’s Twitter meltdown was a juvenile display of sour grapes after Obama decisively defeated the Republican candidate Mitt Romney: Click here […]

Check out President Obama’s version of MC Hammer’s “You Can’t touch this”.

I heard story about this but I didn’t belive it was really happening until now check out this video

Vote 2012

With the 2012 Presidential Elections less than a week away, author Benjamin  F. Chavis, Jr. wrote an impassioned piece about President Obama and why he deserves your vote. Check it out here.

President Obama warned that the impending arrival of Hurricane Sandy could have “fatal consequences” and that the warnings of state and local officials should be followed. Hurricane Sandy has already begun causing damage along the Eastern Seaboard. For the full scoop, click here.

R&B legend Stevie Wonder has just released a new song showcasing his support for President Barack Obama. The song, entitled Keep Moving Forward , highlights some of Obama’s policies and plans for the next four years. Check out the video below.

via: Apparently President Barack Obama did hear about Donald Trump‘s huge announcement. See More