Today would have been Dorothy Irene Height  102nd Birthday and Google remembers (March 24, 1912 – April 20, 2010) American administrator, educator, and a civil rights and women’s rights activist  She also served as National President of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority from 1946 to 1957.[7] She remained active with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority throughout her life. 

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said  remarks on men not valuing work in the “inner city” were “inarticulate” and said it has nothing  to do with race. The congressman’s  remarks came during a Wednesday appearance on Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America” radio show and he was ask a question about what Bennett called the “fatherless problem.” (Click […]

This gun has to be  in syn with your watch, you can actual set your watch to the time you want it to shoot, no i’m just kidding but what I think is cool is if you don’t have the watch on the gun will not shoot. I think this might cut down on gun […]

This is the reason why they want to drop it  Read More        How many times in your life after High School have you used  algebra in your everyday day life?

We get together on facebook to watch Scandal, The Haves and The Haves Nots and Being Mary Jane lets get together tonight at 8pm Central on facebook and watch the Sate Of The Union. What are your biggest  concerns when it comes to this country? Read More About tonight’s State Of The Union

Be encourage Mr President and God bless everyone who needs this  Read More

Rep. Jack Kingston is proposing that low-income children do some manual labor in exchange for their subsidized meals. Read More

President expected to sign measure within days Read More

Have they finally  print something good about Obamacare?  (Your Thoughts) Read More

They were about to put these guys out of the assembly but President Obama said no.